Régis Breton

Working Papers and Publications


Financial intermediation and information economics

      "Does soft information matter? An application of gravity models to financial analysts' forecasts" (with S. Galanti, C. Hurlin, and  A.-G. Vaubourg), 2011. 

      "Securitization, competition and monitoring" (with J.-H. Ahn), revised 2013, forthcoming, Journal of Banking and Finance. pdf 

      "Titrisation, concurrence et rente bancaire", (in French), Revue Economique, 61(3), pp. 431--440, 2010.

      "Intermédiation, diversification et dissimulation d’information", (in French), Revue Economique, 2005. pdf

      "Monitoring and the Acceptability of Bank Money", 2003 (revised 2007). pdf

      "A Smoke Screen Theory of Financial Intermediation", 2003 (revised 2011), Banque de France Working paper No. 356 pdf

       "Accounting Transparency and the Cost of Capital" (with V. Bignon), 2004. pdf

Monetary theory

      "Currency Union with and without Banking Union" (with V. Bignon and M. Rojas-Breu), 2013, Banque de France Working Paper No. 450. pdf   

      "Monetary policy before Central Banking. The quality of money and the Debasement Puzzle" (with V. Bignon), work in progress.

      "Note sur l’origine de la monnaie dans les modèles de search" (with V. Bignon, in French), Revue Economique, 2003. pdf

Strategic Market Games

       "Robustness of Equilibrium Price Dispersion in Finite Market Games" (with B. Gobillard), 2006 (revised 2011), Working Paper TSE No. 308. pdf

      "Robust and non-robust equilibria in a strategic market game" (with B. Gobillard), 2007. pdf

      "Certification by banks in a Schumpeterian Economy", work in progress.

      "Concurrence imparfaite et robustesse des équilibres dans les jeux de marchés" (with B. Gobillard, in French), work in progress


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